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Update from the Home Front!

by Shannon James on 04/11/20

The great thing about having a family business is having your family around you throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We all have to practice proper social distancing and take extra precaution when venturing outside to do necessary things - but it's nice to come home to be with our loved ones and to keep each other company! It's important to look on the bright side, appreciate one another and find joy in the little things (these days especially so we don't go stir crazy!). 

What are you doing to keep positive during your time at home? What puts a smile on your face? I'd love to hear some comments - drop us a line by email or respond to the post and myself (Kerry's daughter Shannon) or Kerry (my mom!) be sure to get back to you! 

One of the things my mom (Kerry) and I have been doing during our time at home is learning new balloon design techniques by attending virtual conventions online! It's been great! We look forward to sharing what we learned on the website soon and making these fantastic creations available to you all!

Take care, be well and be safe!


Shannon (Kerry's daughter)

Kerry’s Party For Less Gift Ideas During Covid 19 Outbreak

by Shannon James on 04/04/20

Kerry’s Party For Less Gift Ideas During Covid 19 Outbreak

Send a balloon arrangement to your loved one! This is a favorite among gift recipients! Even though in-store pick-up isn’t available – you can still order by phone for a home delivery! Home deliveries are made possible Kerry and her daughter working diligently to minimize risk through social distancing, thorough hand hygiene, surface disinfection and use of PPE (personal protective equipment).

Order an outdoor arrangement and post lawn signs! Kerry can create durable lawn bouquets and unique décor items that can be anchored outside – on the lawn or attached to a car – and with Print Design Plus being located right next to Kerry’s – it’s easy to get a custom sign added to your delivery!

Send a balloon person or two to cheer them up! Balloon people can be made to resemble the person of your choice – a unique delivery experience indeed! Sure to get a few laughs and definitely memorable! We have had lots of great feedback on our balloon people!

Order a balloon Get Well flower bouquet to send to a love one. Is someone you know under the weather? Not a problem, we can still deliver. We take precaution not to be in direct contact with recipients. A flower bouquet with a card is a lovely gesture and doesn’t require any watering!

Get a stuffed balloon with a Beanie Boo inside! Stuffed balloons are sooooo cool! Not only are they versatile (you can stuff them with whatever you like!) they add a little awe and wonder – instead of sending a gift in a regular ol’ gift bag – you send them wrapped in AWESOME. Kerry’s has a wide range of Beanie Boos and other TY’s – popular amongst children.  

Order a personalized garland arch! You can order any name, word or phrase and we’ll drape it wherever you like! (As long as we have permission of course!) We have jumbo letters in a variety of colours and can even set it up as a free-standing display! Just give us a call, we can make it happen! 

Our Covid-19 Message to Our Valued Customers

by Shannon James on 03/24/20

To Our Valued Customers;
    In the wake of the developing Covid-19 outbreak, the team at Kerry's is working diligently to provide you and your loved ones with safe and happy memories during these uneasy times. The celebration of life achievements and momentous occasions need not be the collateral damage of uncertainty! Celebrating is a wonderful way to cheer each other up and sending someone you love a balloon delivery is a great way to safely celebrate!
Kerry is encouraging everyone to start calling in / emailing for balloon orders and to arrange for home deliveries. To help, she is offering local / Hamilton area deliveries for $5 (regularly $20!) and a reduced rate will be also offered to surrounding areas (such as Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, St. Catherines, Niagara Falls and Brantford). By opting to browse the website and call in we can reduce the risk of transmission to our community and those we love. 
We continue to take precautionary measures such as frequent hand hygiene practice, surface disinfection practices and the use of Personal Protection Equipment during deliveries (to the same standard that you would see in your dental office), to protect the well-being of your loved ones and ours.  
The team will be making regular updates and posts on our Facebook Page so please stay connected with us for evolving information. 
Kerry's Party For Less

Local Deliveries are Now $5!!!

by Shannon James on 03/22/20

With the ever-developing Covid-19 pandemic impacting businesses everywhere, we have had to close our store to public / walk-in access. We are, however, still open for business! You can call in and place an order by phone using debit or credit card for delivery! And great news! Local Hamilton area deliveries (including Stoney Creek) are just $5! The usual delivery charge is $20 but we understand that this is a difficult time and social distancing is important. 

We want to make it as easy as possible to send someone a gift or balloon bouquet to brighten their day and let them know you were thinking of them on their special day so we're taking extra precautions and using personal protective equipment on deliveries (gloves, mask, eyewear - just like your dentist and their team would wear) and using disinfectant measures to protect our product and our team (surface disinfecting and hand hygiene). 

Let's stay safe by practicing social distancing - and let's cheer each other up by celebrating with home delivery balloon bouquets!

All the best,

(Kerry's Daughter)

First Post Ever!!!!

by Shannon James on 03/22/20

Welcome to the Kerry's Party For Less Blog! 

This is the very first post. Just setting up the blog and checking out the tools and settings to get things going. I look forward to sharing many blog posts with you going forward!

(Kerry's daughter)

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